Samba upload from UCS error after 4.1.2 update

Sorry for my English.
After updating to 4.1.2 stopped unloaded changes to samba from UCS. An error “Univention Replication” has occurred. Change made by WIN AD editor ulploaded to UCS correctly.

After updating to 4.1.2 version the uploading process to samba from UCS has stopped. The error “Univention Replication” has occurred. Besides changes made by WIN AD editor ulpload to UCS correctly. Is it possible make a rollback to version 4.1.1?


first make sure that you have installed the latest erratas, especially Univention Corporate Server 4.1 erratum 211. If this doesnt solve the problem check How to deal with s4-connector rejects.
Please post meaningful error messages and log extracts in case you need more help.

To answer your question regarding the rollback to a previous point release: This would require to roll back all involved packages. I dont know if there is an easier way.

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Dirk Ahrnke