Roles UCS domain user and Kopano-contact not consistent; multiple email addresses in GAB



Hello everyone,

my requirement is to create UCS domain users without a domain mail account in Kopano but with a kopano contact. Scenario is that some of the domain users should have access to apps such as nextcloud but don’t get a domain mail address.

I thought this could be achieved via the role kopano-contact within the domain user profile but this does not work out because the field email in contact data is not retrieved in kopano global address book and the field primary email address is blocked because it allows only email addresses that belong to the domain which is not the case for those users as the don’t get a domain email.
A workaorund I found is to create for all those users an addtional kopano-contact under app Kopano Kontakte but this is not very convinient.

I also found out that only LDAP tag primaryEmailAddress is mapped to global address book (GAB) in kopano. All other emails such as business email on tap contacts is not mapped to GAB. This leads me to another question: what do I have to do to display additional email addresses of users (domain users and kopano contacts) in GAB?

Hope someone can help with advice or point me to a solution.



yes, indeed it is not possible on Univention to create a user with an email address, without adding the mail domain to univention as well (which would make univention the system that holds the user mailbox).

The way that was conceived to solve this problem for kopano-contacts was the dedicated contacts udm module. Recently UCS got a contacts module of its own, but while the kopano-contacts are displayed in this module creating a contact in their does not make them a kopano-contact.

In general Univention already maps two attributes for email addresses:

# Warning: the value "ldap_emailaliases_attribute" has been set via UCR variable "kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_emailaliases_attribute"
ldap_emailaliases_attribute = mailAlternativeAddress

# Warning: the value "ldap_emailaddress_attribute" has been set via UCR variable "kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_emailaddress_attribute"
ldap_emailaddress_attribute = mailPrimaryAddress

Creating an email under the “contact” tab creates an entry with the attribute mail.

While you could configure ldap_emailaddress_attribute to point to mail instead, this will very likely have a huge impact on the general mail flow of the system (not to mention that you have to fill this attribute for all your actual users).