Remote Authentication


Due to the fact that more and more stuff is working from remote, home office, etc, I wonder how the users can authenticate against the UCS server remotely.
I think there is something like a “Routing and Remote Access Service” from Microsoft to achieve this. But is there something similar in UCS too?


I am not sure there is enough information in your question to answer it satisfactorily.

All of the services we use for our home office on UCS are accessed remotely with authentication through UCS already. There is nothing additional we need to do.

What is it that you are wanting your remote users to access that would be authenticated remotely through UCS?

Presumably anything that can access the server over the internet and has been configured to do so could use it for authentication.

If you are wanting users to access services locally that use UCS authentication then that would usually be accomplished by setting up a VPN of some sort.

Thanks Kevo,

I was not sure if a VPN is sufficient. All is clear now, thanks.