Relution 5 not compatible to UCS?

Hello everyone, as a school we use UCS and Relution, which is provided by a service provider. We are currently using Relution Version 4.79.7. We would like to upgrade. However, our service provider says that the current Relution version is not compatible. Is that correct? I can not imagine that. Thanks for answers!

Hey Niklaster,

generally speaking Relution 5 is compatible at least to UCS 5 as the version installable from the App Center is 5.9: Relution - Univention App Center
But of course there can be special circumstances which might prevent using this version - Are you using the app?

Best regards

Sorry I have the solution. It was because of Opsi and not because of Relution. The service provider says that an update to UCS 5.0 is not possible because Opsi does not yet work with it. Thanks for the feedback.