Recommended way to create technical mailbox


Hi Community,
I run Odoo11 in a docker container on the UCS Master. I created a simple authentication user to bind to LDAP. Authentication is working fine.
Odoo11 send and also can receive mails.

Now I am looking for recommendations:

  • I want to separate real user accounts and technical user accounts. So I would create a container under /users in LDAP?
  • I want to create an account like a simple authentication account with a mailbox (without samba and all the options of a full account)

The goal is that Odoo as an application send and receive mails.




it appears as if a simple authentication account is missing the capabilities to define mail-related attributes and you need to create a full user account even for the technical mailboxes and lock them down with other methods like restricting the (Windows-) logon times and allowed computers.