Quotas can not be enabled or managed in UMC

Hello everyone,

in UCS 5.0.2 it is not possible to enable or configure user quotas on an existing partition I have moved over from an old file server to the new one.

I can see the partitions under ‘Filesystem quota’ but when I try to ebable it I get the error message:

An error has occurred:
The request could not be executed.
Error message from server:
Activation of quota support has failed:/dev/dm-1: Partition is not mounted

When I do it in the CLI using the command /usr/sbinquotaon /mountpath the quota works and with the command quota --show-mntpoint USERNAME I can also see all for quota configured mount pathes and the consumption of the user.

Is there a bug in UCS?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards
Hendrik Dreyer