[Question] Active Directory-compatible Domain Controller

In a cenario that and AD takeover takes place we must install the Active Directory-compatible Domain Controller.

My question is, when we want add more ucs servers (as AD backup or slave) we should install Active Directory-compatible Domain Controller as well in this servers or the package should only be installed in the first?



you should install Active Directory-compatible Domain Controller minimal on one additional UCS Backup server to have redundancy and in case the master dies you’ll be able to make a UCS Backup the new master with backup-to-master script
all other servers needs the AD components only if they should act as Windows SAMBA servers (e.g. for SAMBA shares and browsable form the Windows PC’s)


@externa1 my question is because of your answer… in the last weeks i’m guess that i what should be done, but the fact is that since 2015 when i do the AD takeover, and the install a second ucs as slave i never install the app in the second server however i have shares in that folder (the server is in a second site) and always that the main server is down the users can logon in the second server…

From your answer without that app that shouldn’t work correct?