Process to add another hard drive

I would like to add another virtual drive volume to the UCS system and use that as the data storage. Do you have any documentation on completing the task as through the management console there are no tools to administer the addition of new volumes or hard drives?

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through management console this is not implemented. You will have to use the command line.

By doing this it is exactly the same step as for every Linux distribution.
In short:

  • add the new disk to the VM (reboot to make sure it is recognized)
  • create a PV (in case using LVM) or a partition
  • create VG and LV (for LVM)
  • format it with a filesystem (ext3, xfs, …)
  • add entry to /etc/fstab
  • mount it

You might search for detailed steps or take a look at an article regarding extending an Owncloud appliance- For the later you will find articles here, too.



Thank you. What would be the the recommended file system to use within UCS that would be used for a file server? Does UCS offer a filesystem that allows the use of snapshots? Such as BTRFS?

If you follow the steps outlined by @knebb then you shouldn’t need to worry too much about the filesystem. Univention itself doesn’t offer a proprietary filesystem that I know about, and my domain controller seems to be using ext4.

Since you specify that you want to use the filesystem as a file server, I would recommend something like ext4 from my experience. However other FS’ like BTRFS and XFS do exist. This would just be based on Sys Admin preference though, as I don’t think the format would matter to Univention. I have EXT4 on the Debian client that I use as the NFS host to my Univention domain and haven’t run into any issues so far. XFS I ran into issues with LV management (XFS can grow but not shrink, and EXT4 can resize while online) - but this is a topic you should look into yourself to find a format which meets your domain’s needs :slight_smile:


Thank you. I went with EXT4 and will be using a backup solution as well so if any files need to be recovered in the future I will rely on the backup solution.

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