Problems with Radius after Update to UCS 4.3


i have upgrade my ucs server to 4.3 yesterday. since then, the radius server isn’t working anymore correctly as i cannot login to my wifi anymore.According to app center, i have version 5.0 installed.

If i try to restart the server, i get the following response:
If i execute the mentioned command, i get the following response:
Another threat had mentioned to execute dpkg -l | grep radius which returns the following for me:

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Tobias Lorentz


the first screenshot shows that you’re trying to restart the daemon while you’re a regular user, tobias, and not root. Try prefixing the command with sudo. Also try getting into the habit of using systemctl for daemon control instead of running scripts in /etc/init.d manually.

Generally the second screenshot shows that the daemon seems to be running (that’s what the Active: line indicates). If authentication doesn’t work, then it’s not because the daemon isn’t running.

Note that due to the upgrade to Freeradius 3 additional manual steps have to be taken after the upgrade:

  • The release notes state that you may have to re-add your clients.
  • Paths have changed. Before the upgrade the client configuration file was located at /etc/freeradius/clients.conf, but now it’s in sub-directory: /etc/freeradius/3.0/clients.conf

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Hi Mosu,

thank you very much. Filling the new clients.conf fixed the problem.

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