Problem upgrading to 5.0

Hi, this is my upgrading error:

Checking for release updates:                           The update to UCS 5.0 is blocked because the component 'prometheus-node-exporter_20181119120420' is marked as required.

Installed version is 0.13.0+ds-1+b2 and Is upgradable No

Can I fix it?
Thank you


prometheus is part of the UCS Dashboard App, which is not yet available for UCS. So there is no real error, it’s a missing dependency.

You should wait a few weeks until the UCS Dashboard App is available for UCS 5.0 - or, in case you don’t need the dashboard, uninstall the App.

Hi @Steuwer, thank you for your suggestion.


Is the UCS Dashboard App, available yet?

Thank you in advance

sorry, the App is not yet available for UCS 5.