Problem: ucs@school Install Wizard Complains with "Validation Error"


The ucs@school install wizard complains about a “Validation Error”.


You are trying to set up a new server. The installation of the ucs@school app was successfully. Executing the initialization wizard ends with the error on UMC.

When increasing loglevel by

umc/module/debug/level: 2
umc/server/debug/level: 2
systemctl restart univention-management-console-web-server
systemctl restart univention-management-console-server

will show the following entries in /var/log/univention/management-console-web-server.log:

CPCommand ( response status code: 422
CPCommand ( response result: {'master': u'Wert ist ung\xfcltig'}
CPCommand ( response error: {'traceback': None, 'command': 'install'}

VErify hostname by:
root@01master:~# hostname -f


Hostnames starting with numbers are not allowed. You will have to reinstall your server and assign a hostname not starting with a number.
There is a bug open to provide a more useable error message.