Problem: Join Fails

Problem: Join of a New Server Fails

You attempt to join a UCS server to your domain but the join process fails.
You notice:

root@ucs-slave:~# univention-join
univention-join: joins a computer to an ucs domain
copyright (c) 2001-2019 Univention GmbH, Germany

Enter DC Master Account : administrator
Enter DC Master Password:Search

 DC Master:                                          done
Check DC Master:

* Join failed!                                                           *
* Contact your system administrator                                      *
* Message:  Please visit for common problems during the join and how to fix them -- The ssh-login to administrator@ucs.multi.ucs failed with " ". Please make sure the account administrator exists and is a member of the Domain Admins group!


Your servers (including master) are running as virtual machines on a physical host.


Step 1

Test manually:

root@ucs:~# echo -n "ADMINPASSWORD">pwd.txt
root@ucs:~# univention-ssh -timeout 3 ./pwd.txt Administrator@ucs-101.artietee.intranet ls ; echo $?

In case you get back a “1” permanently you should check your master for performance issues as it is reacting too slow.