Printer Administration trouble

Hi All

I have investigate possibility for deploy UCS in our network and one from several troubles which I found its unable to manage printer queue when I set limited access for any printer “only to choosen user/groups”

I login in univention-management-consol as Administratrator, create a printer, set access control “allow only choosen user/groups” and add myself or/and anybody else in access list (Administrator, Domain admins, Domain Users, Everyone and any combinations of any domain users & groups)

as only I switch “allow only choosen users” from “Allow all users” at the same time this printer stop displaying in “Printer Administration” modile, and does not matter whom you pointed in chosen users/groups. Its unable to manage the printer in this case

Do anybody have solution for fix it? or may be I do something wrong?



I am not so sure if I understood you right.
Could you please try to describe your steps (step by step) in addition to the expected behaviour and the observed behaviour with the help of a small enumeration?

Kind regards,
Tim Petersen