POSIX users home directory could be accessible from any Linux machine

Hi All,
I am trying to see how could I make sure my POSIX users have a roaming home directory, For this (a) I have to create a share
(b) edit user account details to reflect Home Directory and Home share path

I created a share which is
Name :- Home Directory (/home/users/ on ucs.nfsdemo.intranet)
Path :- intranet.nfsdemo:/shares/ucs.nfsdemo.intranet

I edited users account details, in POSIX section, edited .Home share and home share path
From the Linux client using fstab, I have mounted the NFS share of ucs

Now when I log in to the Linux client using the UCS users, it log in, but do not reflect the shared home directory which we have given for this user.

Guidance and advice requested to make, the shared home directory for the user
Joseph John