PLUCS - Zarafa xmpp plugin Integration

Is it intended that the installation of PLUCS on UCS4 has any integration with Zarafa (specifically for it’s xmpp plugin ?)

I have installed & configured PLUCS without any issues (works fine using an xmpp client such as Pidgin on Ubuntu). During installation I thought I saw some sort of Zarafa message so I checked the appcenter log (thank you Janis) which shows a line “Module: zarafa-cfg” during PLUCS installation. I can’t seem to get the zarafa webapp xmpp plugin to register with PLUCS (ejabberd).

Now, straight upfront, I am willing to admit I may have shot myself in the foot on this by installing “ejabberd” from the UMC Package Management module before realising that PLUCS is the same sort of beast (I never looked further than the name previously). The straight ejabberd install appears to be more a straight debian package without the UCS integration that PLUCS has?

Anyhow, I have removed/purged (thank you again Janis) ejabberd & PLUCS, removed any leftover configuration (that I’m aware of) & reinstalled but still no luck with the Zarafa xmpp plugin. I have read the Zarafa community document here:-

… but just looking to get some confirmation as to whether I need to proceed down that path, or rather pursue correcting a broken integration that would otherwise already be in place? (if it weren’t for my clumsiness).


PLUCS currently does not have a buitlin integration for the WebApp. Any mentions of zarafa-cfg during installation seem to be unrelated. I believe this happens on every change of a UCR setting.
The only thing that is available in PLUCS and related to the needs of the XMPP-plugin is the ability to enable BOSH (Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP) through the plucs/http/* UCR variables. Everything else needs to be configured manually at the moment.
I have done this configuration for testing purposes a long time ago (not with UCS 4). Especially the Apache Revese Proxy need to be configured carefully as one can easily open the system for the bad guys for example by proxying to localhost:25 which results in an open mail relay.

However, this reminds me that this is something to look at. But dont expect fast changes. The development of PLUCS is currently not driven by business.

Best Regards,
Dirk Ahrnke

Thanks for the response & clarification Dirk. Much appreciated.