Please consider easing licensing for the binary packaging

I would love to explore UCS, and I think the product is very important in the GNU/Linux ecosystem. However, the only-for-non-commercial clause on the binary packages really turns me away. It may be the right choice for the product, and I do realise that Red Hat is doing the exact same thing. Still, I wanted to share my feelings on the subject.

Hello Del,

thank you very much for your feedback and your feelings considering our licensing.

How does our licensing prevent you from exploring UCS?

Despite the fact that our binary packages are only free for non-commercial use, you are allowed to use the source packages and build the binary packages on your own. For example, for UCS 2.4 you’ll find all source packages in the Debian format in the respective source subdirectory at

Nevertheless, Univention is a company whose business model is based on maintenance and support. It enables Univention to heavily invest into product innovation and development our users and customers benefit from. UCS 3.0 is one of those great results coming soon and you can already have a look at it using the first release candidate.

Best regards,
Nico Gulden