OX Global search in All Folders

There seems to be a way to achieve this with debian Wheezy, but since Univention is now running on Jessy we coulnd’t find any recent information on the subject.

Surely there must be a way to activate the same function seen in the Open-Xchange Online demo:


(“All Folders”)

Goodday nickbe,

please can you give a bit more detailed description of the problem. Do you want to search in all folders, or subfolder?

My regards

Anna Takang

Hi nickbe,

unfortunately the dovecot version in UCS 4.2 does not contain this feature yet. So even if this feature is enabled in OX AppSuite it won’t work. You can either wait on UCS 4.3 where dovecot will be updated or you use Dovecot Enterprise.

Best regards,

Sönke Schwardt-Krummrich

What is the current status here? Do the latest 4.3 meet the requirements for this dovecot feature?

I would say it’s looking good. The dovecot package in 4.3 says “Candidate version 1:2.2.27-3+deb9u2”. In combination with the corresponding documentation http://documentation.open-xchange.com/7.8.4/middleware/components/search/crossfolder_fts_in_mail.html this should be possible.

Now you just have to wait for OX to be released for 4.3 (-> UCS 4.3 Upgrade für OX App Suite?)

Sounds good. :smile: Thanks for the info.
We‘re really happy once that feature finally works.