OX App Suite - Mail settings

The mail settings in the OX App Suite are greyed out.
How can I set the SMTP server ? At the moment it’s “localhost”.

The SMTP server must be set by the administrator on the OX server using UCR:

$ ucr info ox/listener/smtp-server
ox/listener/smtp-server: <empty>
 The SMTP server that OX users should use to send their emails. Connections will be authenticated. The port can be appended to the hostname or IP, separated by a colon. Default: localhost.
 Categories: Open-Xchange

For example:

ucr set ox/listener/smtp-server=mail.example.com

After changing the variable it is necessary to restart the listener service:

service univention-directory-listener restart

All users that are created or modified will then receive the new SMTP server setting.
To change existing user accounts, a listener module resync is necessary:

univention-directory-listener-ctrl resync ox-user

If you have a lot of users this may take a long time, observe /var/log/univention/listener.log.

Daniel Tröder