OX App Suite Cluster



I’ve setup an environment on UCS 4.0.3 with a domain master and another with domain backup.

Now with this when I install OX App Suite on both the master and the domain, the one that is installed second fails to run the join domain script.

Now due to the process being automated in installation and not allow pre-configuration, I can’t set this up in a cluster on UCS. Now part of my fundamental requirements are to have these two servers running in a cluster.

I can’t achieve this whether I pre-setup a mysql cluster or do one afterwards as the configurations from the App Suite are auto installed and to alter is not a simple task it seems as per guides read.

So my question to raise, has anyone ever achieved running the app suite in a cluster as active/active. I would like to get some guidance on the steps you followed to run this on UCS. I’ve done it on Debian on a cluster, but I want the management interface that UCS offers in running this application, but I’m struggling to have two App’s running across the domain.




a cluster setup is currently not supported by the integration packages of OX App Suite in Univention App Center. That’s why the join script on the second machine intentionally fails.

We are currently discussing with Open Xchange if a cluster setup resp. distributed setup will be supported by the integration packages in future.




Any update about the clustering? My OX Environment needed to give a High Availablity. What is the other alternatives?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @nirjhar,

TL;DR; no, not really.

Unfortunately there is currently no easy way to set up a OX cluster with the current OX AppSuite integration packages. It is possible to disable some parts of the integration. This allows you to build a cluster using multiple installations and a lot of manual configuration work. But we do not have a step by step guide, to create such a cluster.

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