OX App Suite 7.8.1 shared calendar colors lost on client


After the new updtate, my calendar colors was lost on my client (Mac OS Calendar).
I reconfigured the colors, but when I restarted the client the colors of the shared calendars lost again (see the attached image).

Does anyone know the solution?


In OX App Suite, only the folder admin is allowed to store such properties (which actually get saved in the folder’s meta field). That’s why such a change cannot be applied in a folder shared to you. However, it looks like the WRITE_PROPERTIES privilege was indicated for the collection as soon as the user is equipped with the OX “write object” permission prior to App Suite 7.8.1, which made the client feel like setting the calendar-color property was allowed.

As a result this was adjusted so that the client no longer offers to change the color for collections where he has no administrative access rights which will effectively lead to the screenshot that you have attached.


Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your reply.
Is it a possible to set the server administrator the colors of the public calendars?
I have 8 public calendars, the light blue on white is not nice and unreadable.


Hi There,

Today I downgraded to

UI version: 7.8.0 Rev21
Server version: 7.8.0-Rev28

then the colors are came back.

I know It’s not the best solution, but it works.
I’m waiting for the corrected 7.8.(2?) updates.