Outlook not sending BCC mails to kopano



i try to send 10 eMails with a 2M attachment via Outlook 16 over Kopano ActiveSync.
So i put my own mail adress in “to” and all other recipients in “bcc”.
Only the mail to my own address is delivered. All others don’t.

When i add the recipients to cc everything is fine. Also in Kopano WebApp/DeskApp the BCC works, but not in Outlook.

As i saw, this issue is already noted by Kopano (https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KC-1536), but the newer release 8.7.4 is not available in UCS 4.4.0.

How to update or fix this?

Best regards


Hi @Allyfied,

what version are you currently using? If you urgently need to have this fixed you could do an upgrade to the pre-final release.

We are in final stages of release testing and want to make 8.7.5 available to customers soon.