I try to test Openvpn4UCS, without succes.

When my client connect I have this error: “read UDPv4: Connection reset by peer (WSAECONNRESET) (code=10054)”

I checked the port 1194 and it’s closed. How can I open 1194 port for openvpn?

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Please try this as user root:

ucr set security/packetfilter/package/vpn/udp/1194/all=ACCEPT /etc/init.d/univention-firewall restart
Does it help?

Excellent it’s work !!!
Thank you very much !!!

Now I would to connect two UCS server with OpenVPN4UCS.

Site A: UCS Master DC, with subnet, and many workstations.
Site B: UCS Slave DC, with subnet, and many workstations.
all the workstations from both site could be reachable.

Do you have an idea ?

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According to the developer of OpenVPN4UCS the next release should contain this feature (connecting subnets on both sides).

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Moritz Bunkus

Thank you very much.

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