OpenVPN4UCS doesn't uninstall cleanly

Hello lovelies,

I had installed the OpenVPN4UCS to check out it’s capabilities, figured out that I would probably be better of just writing my own configs and understanding OpenVPN and uninstalled…

The problem is that it seems to leave “artifacts” that does not get uninstalled when uninstalling the package…

The artifact in question is the “OpenVPN4UCS - ready2go packages” on the portal site that links too that is also still available, i can even still log in and download the zip file…

It looks like it also didn’t clean up after itself in /etc/openvpn but I am not sure since I am no expert…

My question is… How do I completely uninstall and clean up after this app? I know I can just edit the portal to not show the “VPN tile” but that still leaves stuff that we’re not using on the server…

Thanks in advance

I am right now in the process of setting up my own pki so I can make bridged interface for dev purposes but I am getting super confused by all the crud that was left behind in /etc/openvpn … :

root@ucs-9592:~# ls /etc/openvpn/

I will obviously just delete all this crud and start over… But it’s kind of weird that it cleans up that badly after itself, especially when it’s something as security sensitive as VPN access and i have no idea what all this config they dumped in there is doing… They could just as well have installed a backdoor too my DMZ for all I know… I assume they didn’t… But why doesn’t it clean up after itself???