OpenProject install/usage fatal errors



For quite some time I’m unsuccessfully trying to install/configure open-project on the UCS Core server.
I tried to install the “default” open-project v5.0.17 on UCS 4.2 without success and then tried other “combinations” (ucs 4.1 + open-project 6.1.14, ucs 4.2 + open-project 6.1.14… (changed repository to but the installation failed to complete - the error was “/etc/machine.secret - file not found” during installation of open-project docker “vm”.
As far as I managed to see/understand the installation procedure never succeeded to join the docker vm to ucs domain (so the error “machine.secret not found”.

Anyway… I managed to somehow install open-project 5.0.17 on ucs4.1 by actually interrupting the install script when it logged “uninstalling openproject” (dont remember why exactly it failed). At that moment the docker vm was running and was successfully joined to ucs domain, open-project seemd working (all services running, web page accessible).

So, now it all seems as it should be. Open project installed, all services running etc.

The problem now is I cannot add (or change) any user through the user manager - it always throw the error
“The LDAP object could not be saved: LDAP Error Invalid syntax: objectClass: value #1 invalid per syntax”

I changed the umc/server/debug/level to 99 to get verbose log but I cannot determine which attribute is of “wrong syntax”. There is no mention of individual attributes in the log, just the “action” of adding user (with all the values listed) and the action result of “failed”.
I’m really stuck with this… basically cannot install a “plain/basic” open-project app in otherwise “new/empty” ucs server (standalone, the only machine in a new ucs domain).

Any hint would be really appreciated.

Does anyone successfully installed any version of open-project on any version of ucs??

Best regards,

OpenProject install (still) broken?


Have you finally been able to install OpenProject? I tried everything on my side but nothing works.


It’s working somehow… but do not ask me what exactly I did… it was pure “gymnastics” and “try this” methods…

This UCS docker thing is… well, I’m not very happy/excited with it. Lot of problems… even fresh installs did not work without manual “assistance” and fixing…

Once it somehow started to work I didn’t touch it any more… I needed that “in a hurry” for a specific project and now it’s all barely used…
But even now I have problems with it on restart… some docker vms simply won’t start automatically… (ok, they do start but stop/crash shortly after that) I then start those manually and leave it until the next problem.

For the invalid syntax problem… it could be related to some locale settings (on the database). I remember I had to manually change/set the collation/locale/character set on all tables (set to utf-8).
I think it could be this… the “answer” for the “invalid syntax” issue.

Sorry for not being of much help…