Office-365 3.1 upgrade/settings


Any hint how to configure an old configuration? what can i change because the adconnections/domains?
Must re-run the setup?

@troeder any feedback? How to populate the “domain” avaiable/adcoonection?


please clarify what you mean by “configure an old configuration”. Do you experience any issues?

The O365 connector in version 3 and later supports to sync users into multiple Azure ADs, creating an account in each Azure AD. If you only have one Azure AD, this feature does not apply to your setup. See the documentation for more information about the new feature.

The behavior for Domains with only one Azure AD does not change, and nothing has to be re-run when updating the connector.

@damrose old as i’m a user since first version, i have since the begin “changed” the script to change from a second domain to other one, is i’m previous o365 user and i’m not able to federated the first domain in ucs, so i federate and when i add an o3765 user via ucs i set and in the script i adapt it so the user is created with the mail i set instead the federated domain.

Now it appears in version 3 that i will not need that, if i understand correct with the multiple connections (one for each domain)… but how setup it?