NUT - For UPS Management

Does anyone know if UCS Supports NUT for UPS Management? I’d like to have our UCS Servers managed by a UPS but need to know if there is a way to manage the shutdown/restart process during a power failure.

I am guessing it would be under the Unmaintained Packages, but would like to confirm before I attempt this.

I don’t know NUT, but maybe apcupsd is a alternative for you.

Hey Brian,

NUT is available as a regular package if the “unmaintained” package sources are activated. The “unmaintained” section isn’t officially supported by Univention, but I guess what you meant was more along the lines of “is it available and can I use it easily” to which the answer is: yes .

Kind regards,

Yes, I needed to know if it was installable, or if it had an equivalent package. I kind of figured that if it was available it was under the unmaintained packages section…and fully understand it is not Univention supported (though in my mind it should be as just about any production system would be UPS protected in someway or should be, not sure why it would not be supported.)Anyways…thanks. I will poke around for it.