Nothing but problems

I am having issues joining this device to my current domain. I am using the vm applicance. I configured it once but it wouldnt join the domain. I found this article which is my exact issue. Join UCS DC to Windows Server 2012 R2 DC Failure. So I deleted the VM and replaced all the VM files. Now when I attempt to configure it I am not prompted for the system name and I get this error

“A previous UCS system has already joined into the active directory domain. Please make sure the system “test-server” is reachable via ssh. If you continue with “Replace system” the registration of the previous UCS system will be removed:”

Any help would be appreciated. Not sure how this knows that another system was stood up from a fresh VM??


as soon as you join a machine to a domain, a machine account is created in said domain. Just because you’ve trashed the machine itself doesn’t mean that the machine account in the domain is deleted, too. That’s what the new machine is checking for. Simply remove the machine account in your domain and try joining again.

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