Non-standard use questions


I am investigating the possibility of using UCS as the main OS and KDE & UMC the main front end for a PC “workstation” to run VMs using KVM. I want to use a Windows 7 VM accessed through VNC? as my standard desktop and to use other VMs running Ubuntu, Centos and OpenSuse etc to test and integrate desktop and server applications (accessed through VNC or a browser). All VMs would have access to the core UMC services (network, security, domain, LDAP, storage etc). I also plan to use the services on this “workstation” to support a couple of other PCs on my home LAN (domain shares, LDAP, groupware, email, DNS, http proxy etc.

I think I have enough hardware (Intel i7 2600 CPU, 16GB RAM 3TB of disk from 6 separate disks, nVidia GTX570 etc) though not sure if it is all suitable or supported by the Univention OS (wifi USB is TP-LINK TL-WN821N v4) and nVidia GTX570 GPU.

Can anyone see any problems achieving this or a better solution that would achieve similar results?



in general there should be no problem using UCS in your scenario.
I found a few comments (google) about problems with your wlan chip in current linux kernels - perhaps you should check this before.
Besides that the hardware should be “okay” if no special consumer raid controllers or things like that will be used.
For official recommendations please have a look at: … -hardware/

Kind regards,
Tim Petersen