No letsencrypt-Configuration in univention-Management Console

I have installed letsencrypt from the Appcenter on a Slave.
The Cronjob was installed on the Server. But I can’t configure the Domain and other Informations over the Management-Console. In the Appcenter the app has no config-Button. The App is marked as installed on the DC-Backup, but I can only press the install-Button …
Whats going wrong … :slight_smile:

UCS Version is 4.4-8

you have to select the server where its installed then you get mor buttons like app-settings and uninstall

Thanks for your reply!
Ok, I can only press the button uninstall and install. The Button app settings will be shown but it is not to press.

you have to login UMC on the server where the app is installed

Thanks! It works :slight_smile:

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