Nextcloud, invalid value of port_http


A message keeps appearing in the system diagnostics. This is the variable:


has an invalid value. In fact, this variable has no value. If I enter 80, the message disappears. From time to time, I assume after an update, the message appears again. When I then check, the variable again has no value.

Access to Nextcloud via HTTPS works without any problems. What is this variable for and what value do I have to set so that the message disappears permanently?

with best


This is a false positive which we also get. There was an update some time ago that introduced checking the types of UCR variables. I think this port_http variable is somehow created empty by UCS (other services also have it) and then not set by the Nextcloud app? Then it should be fixed in UCS itself by choosing a default with a valid type.



Thank you for your feedback. I’ll set it back to 80 manually for the time being so that the message disappears.