NextCloud: error when sharing after upgrade to 18.0.3

Hi Folks,

when using UCS with NextCloud 18.0.1 and group folders we’ve seen “Error creating the share” when adding files to group folders.

Based on this we upgraded NC to 18.0.3 and the group folder issue is gone. but now (wired), when sharing a private file / folder with a user existing before upgrading we get “Error creating the share”

Sharing a private file / folder with a user created after the upgrade works like a charm.

This “Error creating the share” is only a frontend issue - I don’t see anything in the logs. Reloading the page also shows the share is there as expected - but just not straigt away…

Any ideas how to solve this?

Do you see anything in the browser console?

thanx for pointing me to the right direction…


unfortunately I don’t understand how wo solve this. NC is using UCS LDAP and sharing with ldap users created after the NC upgrade works great.

Any help would be appreciated.