Next UCS Copano version, 10?


In the Kopano forum I keep reading about version 10. Is this a developer version or the upcoming stable?

Is there an approximate timetable for the next version for UCS?

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Hi @pixel,

actually the current development version has already moved on to version 11. 8.7.x is still the current version for customers.

As part of “Kopano One” we are currently rolling out version 9 of Kopano Groupware. The next step in this project is to design containers that can be used in Kubernetes environments and app stores such as Univention, Synology and Cloudron. Since Kopano One requires a license key this will however not be released as an update, but rather a new app.

Cannot give an ETA on this at the moment.

Thank you very much. I will have a look at Kopano One. Are there any functional differences between Kopano 8.7 and Kopano One? We are simply missing some things in Kopano (8.7) or others are not optimal.

A few components have been added/changed for Kopano One. For example the Kopano RestAPI is part of Kopano One and kdav is used for caldav/carddav instead of the old kopano-ical.

For a general overview of Kopano One I recommend looking at

What exactly? Paired with a Kopano subscription the app gives you access to the latest updates I would not know what is missing there.

Spam filter does not learn. There are no identities in which signature and sent folder can be defined. When switching the sender (“From” field), the signature is not updated. DeskApp loses its settings from time to time. When saving attachments DeskApp does not remember the last path.

There is no real Exchange protocol. This means that third-party products such as Pascom that have a “real” Exchange connector cannot be connected directly. The OL connector can only be used to a limited extent, as it caches everything locally and does not know any online mode. Unusable on the terminal server …

All this has already been mentioned in the forum.

Do you really mean DeskApp or WebApp? In regards to WebApp this is indeed a known issue with the version in the Univention Appcenter. Kopano customers can easily upgrade to the latest version and will no longer experience this.

As for the rest, simply upgrading to a newer version would not change these points.

Yes, I am talking about DeskApp

I don’t see an article at this link:

We are currently using the versions provided by UCS:

Kopano Core: 8.7.19
Z-Push: 2.6.2+0-0

Is there anything newer?

I thought so already

ok, nija-coockies add-on prevented me from seeing the blog article

No that is indeed the latest version of Core. If the settings issue still persists for you (to my knowledge it was fixed around 8.7.3 or so) I would recommend to get in touch with the Kopano support.

Excuse me if I ask again. Do I understand correctly that the Outlook connection will not change. The OL connector will remain?

The Outlook connection is unlikely to change with the current architecture. But apart from some edge cases it imho works good enough as it is at the moment.