New users do not get objectClass: Nextcloud nor nextclouEnabled: 1

We’ve been using Nextcloud for 4 years now. We recently verified that new users are not being created in LDAP with objectClass: Nextcloud nor nextclouEnabled: 1, preventing these users from logging into Nextcloud.

Does anyone know what could be happening? Or some way to add the objectClass manually?

Does the Nextcloud option under Apps in the user’s account show it’s enabled? I just tested a new user on my system and it was enabled by default, but I think it’s possible to have that not be the default. If you can’t enable it under apps then I suspect there is a deeper issue which I might not be qualified to help with. If that’s the case hopefully someone else will have some ideas.

That’s the point: the Nextcloud option under Apps is gone. I am trying to install a second Nextcloud in another node to see if the option come back to apear.