New USC in existing architecture?


I’m a new user (personnal) of UCS, and before install this server I want to define the correct architecture.

I have a router, which run on OpenWRT (DNS, DHCP, …) and I have the possibility to create a DMZ zone.

So my question : where it is better ton install UCS Server ? In the secure LAN, or in the DMZ ?

If it’s in the LAN, what’s about the mail server accessible from the internet ?

Thank’s in advance for your answers.

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that totally depends on your demands.
Generelly it’s no problem to use UCS in a DMZ. If you want to install it in the underlying LAN then you have to make sure that it can reach the outside world in order to send or receive emails - I suppose you have to configure this at your OpenWRT router. Parallely you have all possibilities for configuring network security rules by iptables on UCS of course, too.

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Tim Petersen