New OX 7.10 UI shortcomings are annoying



The new annoyances maybe small for some, but to us they’re completely illogical.
First thing you learn is that if you invent one more click for the user, he’s angry because
you’re making his work harder. So here we are now.

Why do we have to click on a menu first to open the shortcuts we need ALL THE TIME.
And why only 3 Quicklinks? Please the the user decide how many quicklinks he want’s
or even better just move the quicklinks to menu IF the browserwidth is too small for all icons.

Now there’s an almost empty menubar with only 3 icons which makes no practical sense at all.
I mean where’s the “clutter” in having 6 or 7 icons on a full hd monitor. It does NOT come handy.

Quickreply: Probably the most used answering method. Everyone loved it and it should have been
further enhanced. For example by showing all quick replies in a conversation/chat like way.

The popup reply windows are fine and good, but they have nothing to do with the quick replay and
they’re certainly not a replacement. Because with quick reply I had no signature and I could prevent
the monstrous mails with all the replies and the reply to replies.

Now we’re back where we’ve started. If you don’t want a signature for “quick replying” you have
to remove the signature first. Which of course the other team member doesn’t and here
we go again with emails that are too long, existing mostly of signatures.

So please OX, consider the quick reply not as obsolete because you could replace them, because
you didn’t. You took away a really good feature. Click in the text, write, fire. That was so simple and
made life so much easier when working in teams.


I think it’s more likely that your critique reaches OX, if you post it in their forum:
The forum here is for specifics about OX running on UCS and is not observed by OX employees.

Daniel Tröder


I know. But since I’ve never managed to get a response from OX, but always from you guys (this is a big and very sincerely meant virtual hug to the univention staff :), i thought I might as well talk to someone who is more likely to have some other means of asking OX for changes.

Sorry about that and as always thanks for replying to any old complaint :wink:


So I posted in the OX forum and got the answer I expected.
They simply don’t acknowledge any opinion or request or anything else from “outsiders”.