New and a lot of questions

actually we´re using UCS 5.0-1 errate 203 in 2 locations, no subscription.
However, Im´quit new with UCS and have a lot of understanding question.
So, please don´t hurt me first, there is anyone former who can help me :frowning:

  • there must be a rule customizing the clients, how can I find out more?
  • using kixstart, sometimes I have drive H: for home, sometimes not
  • backup uses a batch, how to find?
  • what about printer, we have a lot of

UCS represents our domain on both locations, primary and backup domain controller.
Do both controller have some relations with other server, services or…? How can i find out?

Thanks in advance for help, really.
Kai Busch, Truck Port GmbH Hannover, Germany

Hello @mrpresident1,

thanks for asking, but your questions are a little bit too open.

Regarding client customization, please have a look at the documentation: Univention Corporate Server

There you will also find a chapter about printer management. The other questions are hard to understand, you may consider asking in german again:

I wish you ongoing success with your UCS5 system