Nepomuk Backup Tool error

Hi to all,

this is kumar…am new to ucs… i have doubt regarding the nepomuk backup tool. if i initiate the tool means, it shows “The Nepomuk backup service does not seem to be running. Backups cannot be handled without it”. how to solve that issue. anyone help me to solve that issue


looking at [url=]KDE UserBase Wiki/url] I think that Nepomuk is not a backup tool.
I’d read the documentation mentioned above first.

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Dirk Ahrnke

thank you for replying i trying bareos backup server…can you tell me about this. this one enough for complete server backup? kindly suggest…

The question if one or another backup solution “is enough” depends on the use-use and your requirements.
Bareos may fit, please have a look at the Bareos documentation and decide.

Other docs:
3.4.9. Daily backup of LDAP data
Data backup with Bacula

Best Regards.
Dirk Ahrnke