Need Direction Please

I’m currently setting up a univention server on my internal network, behind a firewall. I’m trying make this externally accessible but I want the to be the webservice odoo instead of the main univention server. Can someone please advise me on documentation I can read to try make this scenario work. Thank you.

You might have a look at the UCR (Univention Config Registry).

root@ucs:~# ucr info apache2/startsite

Here you can configure the landing spot of your webserver. When pointing to odoo’s DocumentRoot the UCS-Overview and UMC (webfrontend) is still reachable by adding ‘ucs-overview/’ or ‘univention-management-console/’ to your browsers url address.

root@ucs:~# ucr set apache2/startsite=/web

This should change the behavior as expected.

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since UCS 4.2

the default landing pages have changed:

  • The new Portal (former Overview) can be reached via
  • The Univention Management Console (UMC) can now be reached via

So when changing the apache2/startsite it’s good to know, but with the new Portal functionality you now can add your own custom Tiles so deep modding probably isn’t necessary.

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