MySQL Root Password

Hello all,

yesterday I had the need to perform database action on a Univention 4.2 system with Kopano installed as an app.

According to this entry

After the installation of MySQL, there will be a /etc/mysql.secret file with the mysql root pw. Well, not in our case.

We installed UCS 4.2 from the ISO, updated all packages via the Management Console, and also installed Kopano via App center. Although we received no error message, the above mentioned file is not there.

Cross verified with another Univention system, there the file exists.

I have no idea what went different on this system, or how to fix the problem. Also I have not found another way to see which MySQL Root PW is set.

Would someone point me to

a) how to troubleshoot what went wrong where during installation
b) how to access mysql -u root -p



Hello @Voltage,

I can’t comment on why the file did not exist on your system, but to get access to your database there is always the debian-sys-maint user. it can be used (when logged in as root) by calling mysql in the following way:

mysql --defaults-file=/etc/mysql/debian.cnf

Ok, found it in German, once the mysql user settings were amended I Found I could change the firewall settings as per the link and it works beautifully.