Hello All,

I will appreciate a quick help with this. I recently installed UCS and all has been fine thus far, then there was a need to move it from its present network to another network (different dhcp server assigns different IP address on these networks…e.g movement from network to network).

Since this was done, I have not been able to login to the frontend of my UCS server, but can ssh into my UCS server with the new IP. Logging in shows UCS reporting that UCS management system is available at the old IP.

My UCS system is totally broken, and my BDCs too cannot reach the PDC.

How can I fix this from the command line interface please? I have done too many work on this set up to lose it.

Thank you.

The network configuration of a UCS server is done through UCR. Change the settings and reboot. To find all relevant settings search UCR:

ucr search --brief --value 192.168.1

Daniel Tröder

Hey Troeder,

Thanks for the response, can you link me to a document that shows ucr syntax so that I can change it to what it should be?

The search returns that it is indeed still pointing to old IP address.

Thanks in advance.


I have figured the ucr commands out.

Thanks so much.