Multi domains (again)

Hi guys, I’ve read the other questions about multi-domain support but none of them really answered my questions so, please, bear with me. In my case, there’s a top level org and sub-organizations. Access permissions is a bit of a mix and match depending on the suborg. The organizational structure looks like this:

( note: _ is actually a . )
Toki (the main org) Domain: toki_network (alias: toki_life)
- Futuristic (sub-org) Domain: futuristic_dj
- 4 Coisas (sub-org) Domain: 4coisas_house
- 4 Coisas Mariana (sub-sub-org) Domain: mariana_4coisas_org
- 4 Coisas Florianopolis (sub-sub-org) Domain: floripa_4coisas_org

User examples: has access to resources from all orgs (files, mail lists, etc) only has access to futuristic org resources (from Mariana house) has access to resources from 4coisas and mariana.4coisas (from Florianópolis) has access to to resources from 4coisas and floripa.4coisas

I know it’s complicated and I’m quite lost on how to set this up, so any help is appreciated

Good Afternoon svallory,

can you please state your question more clearly. Where exactly do yo have problem?

From my point of view, you are trying to create something a forest. As of the moment, the concept of Forest is not yet supported by UCS.


Anna Takang

I didn’t know the term for it, but upon research it looks like you are right. I’m trying to get away using two UCSs. I’ll separate 4 Coisas sub-organization and let the other orgs in a single server. I’ll update this post with what I can accomplish

Hi svallory,

we will be happy to help .