Move UCS to remote location

Hi all,
I have two locations, conected site-to-site by Wireguard on routers. On LocA I have UCS as Domain Controller Master, on LocB is Domain Controller Slave. On both locations are Win/Lin computers connected to domain.

Now I need swap this servers. Move Master to LocB and Slave back to LocA. Is this possiblle?
LocA:, Master IP:
LocB:, Slave IP:

So, if I move servers to new locations, update their network settings, DHCP ranges, DNS entries, will this works? What about Win/Lin clients? Will they still be connected/autheticated to domain without rejoin?

Or any better solution? Maybe install backup server on LocB, turn off Master and then convert backup to master? And last simply install new Slave on LocA?

Any ideas?

moving server from a location to an other is possible.
Please note the following:
Chanage the IP address of the old gateway to the new one, and If you had made any adjustments in conjunction with the old environment, you need to check them again to avoid any trouble.

Note: Changing domain name is not allowed

thanks for reply.
Both servers are swapped, every seems works fine.