Move Kopano to a new server

Dear forum,

we have an infrastructure with 3 UCS servers: 1. Primary (5.0-5e804), 2. Backup (5.0-5e804), 3. slave (4.4-9 e1371) with Kopano Mailserver (kopano-server-packages, Kopano Webapp ( and Z-Push.

Unfortunatelly every trial to upgrade 3. to ucs 5 failed - the server does not boot anymore when upgraded. We are stuck for some time now, currently there are also some errors, like missing items regarding Kopano in user administration, also user cannot be saved:

univentionFetchmailProtocol’ not allowed

We are thinking about reinstalling Kopano on a new server and are wondering:

  • we need to uninstall the current Kopano first, since there cannot be 2 Installations in one domain as far as I know
  • should we install directly a new USC 5 or 4.4 → reinstall kopano → upgrade to 5 → hope that it works?!
  • should we restore by database and attachments OR do kopano-restore
    (we have 33 stores, mostly small)
  • what will be the effect for all Outlook clients and mobile devices when choosing each of the above?

Thanks in advance for your ideas and thought about this topic!

Kind regards,

Hi KaBi,

I faced a similar problem during the update of my standalone UCS 4.4-9 Kopano server (virtual machine) and found a solution here: UCS 5.0 with Kopano Update Error | Kopano Community Forum

So, I took several steps and finally updated my system successfully. Needless to say, that I backed up the system via snapshot before each step and tested the system after each step):

Step 1:

  • Deactivate the Kopano apt repositories (I have a subscription) within the Kopano apps (i.e. Kopano Core and Kopano WebApp)
  • Perform pre-update-checks-5.0-1 (see Release Notes)
  • Install UCS Point-Release 5.0-1
  • Reinstall univention-appcenter-docker („apt-get install univention-appcenter-docker“)
  • Reinstall Kopano core, Kopano webapp and z-Push (functionality was fully restored without any further action)

Step 2:

  • Install all errata updates for UCS 5.0.1
  • Install UCS Point-Release 5.0-2

Repeat Step 2 for the UCS Point-Releases 5.0-3, 5.0-4 and 5.0-5.

Good luck, kapeleha