Mixed kopano versions (installed vs. shown installed in ucs apps)


i have installed kopano core, kopano z-push and webapp through univention appstore. Then added our paid license to get “newer” packages with:

univention-config-registry set \
	kopano/repo/kopano-core='true' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-webapp='true' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-webapp-releasetype='final' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-files='true' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-files-releasetype='final' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-mdm='true' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-mdm-releasetype='final' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-smime='true' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-smime-releasetype='final' \
        kopano/repo/username='serial' \
        kopano/repo/z-push-kopano='true' \
        kopano/repo/z-push-kopano-releasetype='final' \

and did a regular update.

Now in ucs it says:

Installierte Version

However console reports

ii kopano-server **8.5.5**.0-0+12.1 amd64 Server component for Kopano Core

I would like to rule out all possible issues before upgrading to UCS 8.3.

Ausblenden von Aktualisierungshinweisen / Kopano sollte die Frage beantworten

Danke für die Antwort.