Migration of DHCP configuration from Infoblox to Univention



Are there anyone here that have used infoblox as DHCP server? Is there any possible way to migrate DHCP configuration and Reservations from Infoblox to Univention?
Thank You


Sorry, not a solution but some hints regarding this.

You have to look for a way to export the data (mainly Mac, IPs)from Infoblox and store it is some readable format.

Then you might be able to use the “udm” command on UCS to import the settings to your UCS server.



Hi Knebb,

Infoblox can export the data via xml format. Is xml file format be read by the UCS server?


Not as far as I know.

Sorry, but you will need some scripting skill to perform what you want to.

Perhaps you will find a xml->txt converter or write your own.

Finally, use udm to create the records.


Hi Knebb,

Could you give me some idea on how to use the udm command, For example, Configuring the MAC address reservation, if I have the txt file how can I use the udm command to import it to the UCS server?. Thank You