Migrate to new domain


UCS DomainController with domain domain1.sub1.com with OpenXchange.

We need to change/migrate the domainnamen … instead of domain1.sub1.com to domain1.com.

Can this be done AND how?

thanx for any help


changing the domain name is not supported. You’ll have to set up new systems and migrate users, groups, computers, settings, data etc. manually.

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:frowning: Not quite happy about that, but thanx for the info.
Will do that so.

One more question:
moving of users, groups, computer etc won’t that much be a problem BUT
where does Open-Xchange App Bundle store its mails??

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If you want to change the mail domain - not the DNS! it is possible without problem.
Just create the new domain additionally to the first one, then change the primary email address of the users. The mail server integration will move the users mail messages to its new place.

Mails are stored below /var/spool/dovecot/.