Migrate from Kopano to OX or other Exchange compatible software


As there’s virtually no development regarding an upgrade of Kopano so I can upgrade from UCS4.4 to UCS5, I want to explore other opportunities.

I use Kopano mainly for contacts and calendar and use Outlook (desktop) and Android devices (Exchange Sync) as frontends in a small environment just for my family (max 10 users).

I want to try OX for that purpose but am not sure if there’s a way to migrate the data.

I’m open to other alternatives, contacts and calendar sync is a must, everything else is optional.

Thank you very much.



As far as I can see in theire basic information link, I can say yes there must be a way.

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Trying it out will be a bit difficult as OX can’t be installed at the same time as Kopano.

It is not about trying it out. As you can read there, you can import the information you asked for.

So, is it a virtual environment? If yes, set up a backup and work in a test environment. If not set up a free virtual environment to test ist there.
A big change like this should be done in a test environment anyway.

I hope this helps

You’re right but I must find the time for this first.

in the same boat as you…
some of the things I learned so far by going through the very same testing process are:

  • OX can only be installed on domain controller server roles (DC master, back or slave) but not member server
  • OX will need subscription for updates as well, manual update will not be available.
  • OX has activity reporting requirements, probably less than M$ telemetry, but still