Meet, WebMeetings, Matterhost?


I would like to use Kopano to chat with the internal users and maybe also for video meetings.

I have tried to get an overview on the homepage. Here there is yes:

  • Matterhorst
  • WebMeetings
  • Meet

The integration in WebApp / DeskApp is important for me and that the chats can be archived there. Video conferencing is nice but not absolutely necessary.

And how (for web meetings) can the internal Kopano users participate in the chats via their smartphones. Is there an app for this?

What exactly are the differences between WebMeetings and Meetings?

with best

Thats is maybe best to answer with a small table:

Mattermost WebMeetings Meet
Text chat Yes Yes (not stored on the server No (not yet)
Video chat No Yes Yes
Integrated with WebApp Yes, dedicated plugin Yes, dedicated plugin Yes, intranet plugin for now
Mobile phone support yes (without plugin support) No Yes, PWA
Remarks UCS app likely soon no longer supported by Kopano Product already discontinued by Kopano Successor of WebMeetings

Thanks for the overview! Then the way leads to Meet. I hope there will be a chat here. Is it already clear if the chat in Meet will be saved on the own server?

Where can I find information about the intranet plugin to use Meet in WebApp?

Documentation for the plugin can be found alongside of it’s code: