Maintenance cycle for UCS 3 major ends on 31. December 2016

The maintenance cycle for the UCS 3 major version ends on 31. December 2016 so that bugfixes and security updates are no longer provided. With UCS 3.3 the maintenance for the last UCS 3.x version ends. The maintenance of UCS 3.2 already ended on 30. November 2016.

Customers that still operate UCS 3.2, are recommended to upgrade to UCS 4.1 via UCS 3.3 und UCS 4.0. Customers that operate UCS 3.3 please upgrade to UCS 4.1 via UCS 4.0.

With UCS 4.1 users benefit among others from the strongly improved usability, the integration of the container technology to into the App Center for better security and encapsulation of apps, integrated single sign-on and its configurable use with the UCS management system, a password self service for users, a Linux kernel of the 4.1 series and Samba in version 4.3.1.

Notes about the preparation for the upgrades can be found in the respective release notes: [ul]
[li] UCS 3.3[/li]
[li] UCS 4.0[/li]
[li] UCS 4.1[/li][/ul] Please contact your Univention partner or Univention for any questions.

An overview of the maintenance cycle of UCS can be found in the Univention Wiki in the article “Maintenance Cycle for UCS”.