Local Logins creating temp profiles

So i’m the Sys sdmin for a company and recently rolled out a domain using UCS. Everything went great and I like the software as it is really easy to implement. However I have an issue with the computers not letting us login to the local users. Some tools we have dont work on a domain yet and we need access to the old local users. When we go to login it recognizes the credentials, but creates a new user or temp user in place of the old profile. There is one exception, one computer can connect to his old local profile. Any reason why UCS would not be allowing local logins by default? I would really appreciate any advice on this issue. We are using the correct logins with the .\ prefix to local.


Univention does not prevent local accounts from working, and joining an AD domain should not prevent existing local accounts from continuing to use their profiles.

Please log in with such a local user for whom a temporary profile is used. Then look at Windows’ event logs in order to determine why Windows uses a temporary profile.

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